Our Parish Community of Holy Rosary has many time-honored traditions that we continue to respectfully observe. Agape (gathering) is a new tradition recently introduced with the sincere intent of bringing our Parish Community closer together, getting to know each other and sharing time together outside of the Sunday Liturgy.

Agape, a Greek word, is used throughout the New Testament describing the kind of love that Jesus has for us and the kind of love that we are called to have for all. The Catholic Church has traditionally defined “agape” as the expression of love turned outward toward concern for others. Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love. In its plural form, it is also used to describe a meal or feast (Jude 1:12, 2nd Peter 2:13).

Here at Holy Rosary Church, our “Agape” gathering is a time for us to serve one another. Right after Mass, when we have all just celebrated the Eucharist together, is a precious moment in which we can live out Christ’s calling. Each group in the church is taking turns sponsoring Agape on rotating Sundays so that we may all have the opportunity to serve and also be served. Every Sunday the designated group takes charge of providing snacks and making coffee for all after each Mass. It is a time of fellowship and fun during which we build and strengthen our community bond.

Please join us in the Parish Center every week after each Sunday Mass for coffee and refreshments. If you would like to bring something to Agape, your addition to our community table is always welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

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