Religious Education

As we minister to the children and families of Holy Rosary  Catholic Church, we take seriously our responsibility to aid parents, the primary educators of their children, in their solemn duty to bring children to the knowledge, love and service of God.  We aim to inculcate a spirit of reverence and joy in the presence of the Lord and a desire to know the Holy Will of God for their lives and to do it, whatever the cost; to love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength; and a willing heart to serve God by placing themselves at the service of others.  We desire that the children take Mary as their model of Christian holiness.

Our goal is to impart to the children the doctrines of the faith in its fullness and a gratitude for the gifts of God in the Mass and the sacraments – not to be kept as a secret for themselves but to live the Mass and share its blessings in the lives that they live. 

We invite you to join us on the journey to bring the peace and love of Christ into your home and into the heart of your family!

For children:


Religious Education classes are offered for children on Sunday beginning at 10:00 am. Children are welcome to arrive between 9:45 and 10:00am, after 10:00am the doors will be closed and no one will be able to enter the building.  As part of our program, the children attend the 11:30 Mass, together with their teachers and fellow students.  Parents are welcome to attend the Mass, however, we ask that you apart from the Religious Education group.  At the end of the Mass, you pick up your child in the Church, at which time you will be asked to sign your child out.


Registration must be done in person in the Parish Office. Everyone is required to register, even if your child has been enrolled in our Religious Education program before.


Please bring a copy of your child(ren) baptism certificate(s) when registering for the first time.


Registration Forms & 2017-2018 Calendar:

2017 Registration Form 1

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