We Welcome All People

of Good Will

Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church

Located in Historic Downtown Jersey City

The First Italian Parish in The State of NJ

Dear Parishioners,


Alleluia!!  The day has finally come to open our Church for Sunday Mass beginning this weekend, Father's Day (June 20th and June 21st).


Unfortunately, we must abide by the 50 person limit for indoor gatherings for each Mass.  


Initially, we are going to follow our regular Summer Mass schedule;  


Saturday, June 20th  5pm, 

Sunday, June 21st  9am and 11am.  


Confessions will be at 4pm on Saturday.


In order to accommodate everyone in a fair manner, we have developed a signup system for Mass attendance using Eventbrite.  


Please use this link to sign up for the Mass that you want to attend this weekend-




  • Make sure you are signing up for the Mass you want to attend this weekend - remember there are three masses each weekend..  We have the schedule on EventBrite through the summer months.

  • Be sure to include the number of people in your household that will attend with you (number of tickets).  

  • Please sign up for only one Mass.   If you aren't sure if you'll come or which Mass you want to attend, please wait until you are sure.

  • Please print and bring along your reservation confirmation (or have it on your phone) so that those who signed up are guaranteed their place before walk-ins that haven't signed up.

  • If a Mass fills up, there will be a wait-list.  If we have enough people on the wait-list, I will add an additional Mass for Sunday.  

  • There will be an information video on our Facebook page (holyrosarychurchjc) and our website (www.holyrosarychurch.com) by Saturday afternoon so you know what to expect when you arrive at the Church.   This video will also be shown at the beginning of each Mass.

  • You must wear a mask while in the Church!

  • We will not be distributing bulletins this week - the bulletin is available on our web site.

  • We will continue to livestream Mass on our Facebook page (holyrosarychurchJC).  On Sunday we will only livestream the 11am Mass.  The daily Mass at 8:30 Monday through Friday will continue to livestream as well.

We remind you:

  • Cardinal Tobin continues to dispense the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days.

  • Those who show symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to another infected person are not permitted to enter the Church for 14 days.  It is recommended that everyone should check their temperature before coming to Mass.

  • Those who are at risk because of an underlying health issue or who are 60 or older are strongly encouraged to avoid the risks posed by attendance at public celebrations of the Mass.


I realize there are many inconveniences here, but I ask you to please be patient - if something doesn't work well, we will make adjustments for next week.  Like all of you, we are learning to navigate the new "normal"..  Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions or have trouble signing up...


I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend.   


God bless,

Fr. Jurek 


We, the People of Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, rooted in traditions are working to do the will of God in today's world. We welcome each person to celebrate the Eucharist and to help create harmony for the good of all in His kingdom.


Founded in 1885, Holy Rosary Church is the oldest Italian Roman Catholic Church in the state of New Jersey. It’s congregation now reflects the growing “tapestry of nations” that makes up the demographics of Historic Downtown Jersey City.

The Latin word sacramentum means “a sign of the sacred.” The seven sacraments are ceremonies that point to what is sacred, significant and important for Christians. They are special occasions for experiencing God’s saving presence.


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Registration cards are located in the Church and can be picked up at any Mass, or you may also visit our Parish office to complete a registration form in person, or just fill out the form right here!

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Easter Flower

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You can help defer the cost of the Christmas Flowers and Decorations for Holy Rosary. Please complete this Order Form, cut it out and return it with your donation either in the weekly collection or to the Parish Office. Thank You!

Our History

A Building of Countless Memories… A Sanctuary to Our Lady!

La Festa Italiana

Our annual old world street festival, La Festa Italiana, brings back time-honored traditions and introduces new surprises each year – there’s something for everyone at La Festa Italiana!


Mass Schedule:


Monday through Saturday 8:30am

Saturday 5:00pm Vigil

Sunday   9am (Italian/English) 11:00am (English)


Very Rev. Jerzy (Jurek) R. Zasłona, Pastor

Christina Szpala, Parish Secretary

Anne Romain, Dir. Of Religious Education Nicholas J. Grillo, Music Director/Organist Edward J. Cevetello, Trustee

Joseph Parisi, Trustee


Suzanne Carr

Nidia Colon

Robert Mauriello

Nicole Raia

Teresa Saltarella

Frank Sisinni

Michael Toto

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