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Restoration Campaign


Your “Home Parish” needs your support! Just like your home, this other home of yours needs regular maintenance & updates.

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Two years ago, the church interior was refreshed, refurbished & upgraded, which was paid with parish savings. As we begin this multi-project campaign, we’d like your support to help us replenish those funds spent 3 years ago, while paying for the new preservations & restorations. Over the next 3 to 5 years, God willing, with your prayers & financial support, we hope to complete the following in phases:

~ Roof: The slate roof you see is the original since 1903. It has been patched & re-patched over the last 100+ years. It’s time to give our home a new roof with a new Eco-star composite roof shingle, which looks just like slate but more durable with less annual maintenance.
Estimated Expense: $175,000 Timing: 2013


~ Gutters & Leaders: Here are the culprits of the numerous leaks & cracks the building continues to endure. To avoid serious, continuing damage to the recent interior restoration 2 years ago, this is a high priority. All the gutters will be rebuilt & replaced with gutter guards, using copper and stainless steel materials insuring durability and longevity.

Estimated expense: $40,000 Timing: Fall 2012

~ Bell Tower: Needs a completely replaced new roof & metal sheathing trim.

Estimated expense: $40,000 Timing: TBD


~ Exterior Brickote: In 1903 the original structure was a red brick building. In 1948, the beige brick you see was “coated” onto the original red brick. Over the last 60+ years, much spot patching work was completed. Recent close inspection indicates several areas must be replaced. In these areas, the Brickote has separated from the original brick creating moisture pockets causing issues. Most of the front of the church will be replaced, along with numerous large sections on the other three sides. Also, the entire building will be power-washed & sealed to prevent moisture infiltration.

Estimated expense: $150,000 Timing: Begun August 2012

~ Metal trim: All metal trim on the front of the building will be replaced with copper trim and masonry trim will be repainted. Estimated expense: $50,000 Timing: Fall 2012


~ Iron Work:  Restoring the original iron gates and replacing the 3 metal grill guards the front of the church with ornamental ironwork. Estimate Expense:  $8,000 Timing:  Fall 2012


Other Ancillary Projects:


~ Fire Alarm System for the church building.
~ Restore original bronze bells.
~ Parish Center floor replacement.
~ A/C Heating System for the rectory
~ A/C Heating System for church
~ New rectory roof
~ Upgrade church sound system to digital.
~ Interior of the bell tower
~ Church doors


HOW YOU CAN HELP… restore, preserve and maintain Holy Rosary’s legacy by making a donation towards this important Campaign. Please make checks payable to HRC Restoration Campaign Fund.


Thank you to all who supported and attended our Dinner Dance at Puccini’s on Friday, October 5. It was a beautiful evening of joyful community while helping to raise funds to underwrite our Restoration efforts.

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