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In 1948 Pastor [Emeritus] Father Gerard Santora had the cupolas removed and the tower surmounted with a spire. In 1950 he had new wiring and lighting fixtures installed. The walls and ceilings were repaired and redecorated and the Sanctuary lamp hanging from the ceiling was removed. The sanctuary floor was covered with terrazzo and embedded with the motto of Holy Rosary “Ad Jesum per Mariam”. A cement veneer in the form of bricks was placed over the exterior walls of the church and the bluestone steps were removed and replaced with brick. In April 1953 a new organ built by Schantz Organ Company of Orrville Ohio was blessed and replaced the older organ.


It was not until the 1970’s that Holy Rosary Church had any major repairs implemented into its facilities. Under the pastorate of Monsignor Francis R. LoBianco, air conditioning was installed in 1973. The Church was completely repainted, the ceiling was rewired, new light fixtures were installed and in 1982 the Church furnace was replaced.


In 1985 the Parish celebrated the Centennial of its founding. At that time a Capital Campaign was initiated by Father Nicholas DiMarzio (now Bishop of Brooklyn). “A Mother’s Love” began and the parishioners of Holy Rosary lovingly contributed to its success. A goal set of $500,000 and was nearly doubled through the generous donations of Holy Rosary’s parishioners. The Campaign’s success enabled for the rest of the Church to be rewired. It allowed for the organ rebuilding, the marble floor installed, the bell ringing mechanism to be replaced and the tower repaired, inside and out. New front steps, a new sound system and the redecoration and enlarging of the vestibule also were accomplished. In addition to the work in the Church, the boilers in the school were replaced. The capital campaign initiated by Bishop DiMarzio was completed by Father Paul Bochicchio. The Church under Father Paul flourished through the programs and activities for all parishioners but especially for the youth.

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