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The Latin word sacramentum means “a sign of the sacred.” The seven sacraments are ceremonies that point to what is sacred, significant and important for Christians. They are special occasions for experiencing God’s saving presence. Holy Rosary Church welcomes all persons and all families, with open hearts and open arms. We encourage all Catholics as well as those interested, to attend the Holy celebration of the Eucharist and the Lord, our Saviour, Jesus. We also offer sacramental preparation for members of our congregation and persons interested in becoming a member.

For more information on the individual sacraments, please click the links below:






Holy Orders

Anointing of the Sick 



Obtaining Sacramental Records:

All sacramental records for the Archdiocese of Newark are kept at the parish where that particular sacrament was celebrated, assuming the parish is still in existence. Holy Rosary Church has records dating back as far as 1885 when the Parish first became a member of the  Archdiocese of Newark.


All inquiries for sacramental records should be made in person, or by contacting the Holy Rosary Church with a written request. You may use the official request form  (in PDF format), or send us a letter to our address.

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