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Who we are?

Group of teenagers that believe, love and serve god with joy

What we do ?

You are probably thinking of how boring youth group sounds (religious talks , pray , etc) yes that is  who we are, that’s our essence but it goes beyond  that point. We do more than just talk and pray we also put in practice what we have learned.

Each talk come with an activity/ game to make us understand better along with discussion and question and answers. Each talk we learn something new and also learn how to apply it into our daily life and society.  We also do activities outside our home parishes such as traveling to catholic underground,

ice skating, bbq and retreats.

What is our mission...?

More than just falling in love with Christ, our main mission is to learn more about ourselves, to learn how to love, to discover what’s the real meaning of love and the church. To encounter our real self with the help of our lord. We work every Saturday to become disciples so we can make a difference not only in our home but in society and our church. We also learn to respect life-respect each other -and respect ourselves.


What are you going to find in jcd youth ministry?

Love, friends, family and the most important god


What is the meaning of your slogan?

“the young heart of the church”

Meaning that the youth is not the past nor the future we are present and we need to make ourselves noticeable


Meaning that we know what the real meaning of love is. Jesus died for us and is the most sacred symbol and meaning of what love is.

When do you meet?

Every Saturday at 6:30 pm

Whats the age range ?

Every teenager from 13-18 years old

7th-12th graders

How can we learn more about you?

You can follow us in social media where you going to find pictures, videos, announcements etc..

Fb: jcd youth ministry


For more info contact

John moncada 201-234-1738

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